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My fancy leopard gecko is named Scout. She is a female with brown and light pink markings, a white belly, and an overall golden color. I got Scout when she was just a couple of months old from Petco. She was about four inches long and has grown to almost nine inches long! Scout is about a year and a half now.

Scout lives in a terrarium that I built with my dad. The terrarium has a bottom layer that is several inches of soil mixed with some sand. It also has six all-natural, wooden hides for Scout to use. One hide is built near a heating pad so she has a place to stay super warm. We also put moss in that hide to keep her cozy and to help hold moisture for when she sheds. She definitely likes to use the warm hide. The other side of the terrarium is the cool side and holds her water dish. Lastly, plants provide fresh air and food for the superworm beetles. The superworm beetles, isopods, whitetails, and mealworms (that escape the geckos and burrow into the soil) eat the gecko feces. This type of gecko tank setup is best because it is low maintenance and keeps the gecko happy and healthy.

I love my gecko because she is cute, calm, and loves to sit and read books with me. I have fun playing with her and watching her run and hide. Scout is the best pet and caring for her is preparing me for my dream of opening my own reptile shop in the future.