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Repti Crew

A Reptile Place for Kids

Leopard Gecko Eating

What is a Repti Crew?

A Repti Crew is a group of people that share their knowledge of reptiles and their care. If you have reptiles or even enjoy learning about them, you can become part of the Repti Crew too! Here you will learn about different reptiles, how to care for them, and our favorite products for keeping them happy and healthy. We also have free reptile logs for keeping track of care, free reptile coloring pages, and be sure to check out our reptile merchandise!

Gecko Habitat with Sand

Reptile Coloring Pages

Check out these coloring pages for kids.

Leopard Gecko Eating

Reptile Feeding Log

Check out these feeding logs for your reptile.

Reptile Care

Learn how to care for your reptile.

Habitat Set-up


Gecko Habitat with Sand

Bioactive Vivariums

Jungle Habitat Setups

Desert Habitat Setups

Scorpion setup

tarantula setup